Satyanarayan Pujan

About this puja

Satyanarayan Puja is offered to Lord Vishnu and considered to be holist as per Hindu religion. Satyanarayana is a combination of 2 words “Satya” which means truth and “Narayan” which means Biggest and so far lord vishu is only considered the highest of all lords and symbol of Truth.
This puja is conducted from ancient times with skanda Puran, it is mentioned that  Narad muni gave authority to Hindu Krushi’s to reduce the sorrows of people on earth. Visa Versa lord Vishnu himself said that during kalyug Satyanarayana would be the only way to get librated and stay blissful.   


This puja is considered very auspicious and is conducted on various occasions like Birth, Birthday, Marriage or any other good occasions at home. This puja is also conducted at times when someone at home is not feeling well from long time or going through heavy losses. This puja protects you from the negative energy and motivates you to follow the way of truth & honesty.

Duration: 1 Hour

Note : If you want see next month muhurt, please select next month.

Date Shubha/Ashubha Muhurt
Feb. 29, 2020 Shubh Full Day

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