Rudra Yag

About this puja

Lord Shiva is known as one who destroys Evil energies. As per Vedas chanting of holy mantras is the way to please the Lord. Rugved provides the description to all these historic mantras. Rudra Stuka is the abstract set of these mantras. These mantras specially consist of all the names of Lord Shiva, who is considered as lord of all planets and wealth of Lord Kuber. This Yaag is capable of removing negative results in once life and fill in positivity in the environment.


Blessings of Lord Shiva is gained from this Yaag. It also results in fulfilling the desires and removes the Dosh from home. Also to get blessings of kuldevi and gain progress & prosperity. Special blessings of Lord Shiva helps in destroying the negative effect of all planets and grow wealth. This Yaag also helps in protecting from all disease & sickness and be more successful in jobs, businesses or careers.

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Date Shubha/Ashubha Muhurt
Samagri Name Quantity
Halkund(Turmericstick) 30 Unit
Blouse Piece 10 Unit
Tel waat (Oilweack) 1 Unit
Attar (Scent) 1 Unit
Dhup 1 Unit
Gowmutra (Cowsurine) 1 Unit
Gangajal 1 Unit
Nadapudi 1 Unit
Gejwastra (Cotton dressing) 1 Unit
Mohari (YellowMusterdseeds) 50 Gram
Sutte paise (Changecoins) 20 Unit
Sowal 1 Unit
Govarya 1 Unit
Udabatti (Josssticks) 1 Unit
Kapur 20 Gram
Naaral (Coconut) 7 Unit
Rangoli 1000 Gram
Gahu (Wheat) 2500 Gram
Tandul 3000 Gram
Supari Large ( mothi Supari) 10 Unit
Janve Jod 1 Unit
Matchbox (Machis) 1 Unit
Homepuda 2 Unit
SamidhaBundle 20 Unit
Guggul 100 Gram
Kale Til (Blacksesameseeds) 250 Gram
Satu (Barley) 125 Gram
Mung Daal 125 Gram
Tur Daal 125 Gram
Masur Daal 125 Gram
Chickpea (Harbara) 125 Gram
Sandal Powder (Chandan Powder) 1 Unit
Madh (Honey) 1 Unit
Dora Gundi (ThreadBall) 1 Unit
Saree 1 Unit
Pandhare vastra 2.5 m (Whiteclothtwoandhalfmeter) 1 Unit
Dron (Disposiblebowl) 10 Unit
Darbha 1 Unit
Shatawari 50 Unit
Asthgandh (SaffronPowder) 25 Gram
udha 1 Unit
Bambo fod (Mothi Lakde) 5 Unit
Topli 1 Unit
Khawa 125 Gram
khaskhas 125 Gram
Dates (Khajur) 125 Gram
Gavran tup (DesiGhee) 2000 Gram
SupariMedium 250 Unit
Kharik 30 Unit
Badam 30 Unit
Halad (Turmeric) 100 Gram
Kumkum (Kunku) 100 Gram
Gulala 50 Gram
Bukka 50 Gram
Khobare (Dry Coconut) 25 Unit
Dhotar Paan (one) 1 Unit
Gulaab Jal (Rose water) 1 Unit
Patrawali (DisposibleDish) 10 Unit
Khadi sakhar (RockSugar) 50 Gram

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