Garbhadhan Sanskar

About this puja

Garbhadhan Sanskar is performed before or immediately after when conceived. As per science, this Sanskar is meant fora better child and better parental genes. Future parents have a responsibility to give birth to new human life which lets their dynasty grow. To gain special blessings from Goddess for this responsibility Garbhadhan Sanskar is performed.

Blessings of Goddess results in reducing the stress of parents and which helps in better development of the child. This adds to the sense of responsibility and better care.
Duration: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

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Date Shubha/Ashubha Muhurt
Samagri Name Quantity
Bukka 25 Gram
Udabatti (Josssticks) 1 Unit
Kapur 10 Gram
Naaral (Coconut) 3 Unit
Rangoli 500 Gram
Gahu (Wheat) 1000 Gram
Tandul 1000 Gram
SupariMedium 80 Unit
Kharik 20 Unit
Badam 20 Unit
Khobare (Dry Coconut) 20 Unit
Blouse Piece 4 Unit
Tel waat (Oilweack) 1 Unit
Janve Jod 1 Unit
Gavran tup (DesiGhee) 200 Gram
Khadi sakhar (RockSugar) 50 Gram
Dhup 1 Unit
Cow's urine (Gowmutra) 1 Unit
Gangajal 1 Unit
Matchbox (Machis) 1 Unit
Homepuda 1 Unit
Halad (Turmeric) 25 Gram
Kumkum (Kunku) 25 Gram
Halkund(Turmericstick) 20 Unit
Darbha 1 Unit
Mohari (YellowMusterdseeds) 50 Gram
Sutte paise (Changecoins) 15 Unit
Govarya 1 Unit
Guggul 50 Gram
Kale Til (Blacksesameseeds) 50 Gram
Satu (Barley) 50 Gram
Madh (Honey) 1 Unit
Pandhare vastra 2.5 m (Whiteclothtwoandhalfmeter) 1 Unit
Patrawali (DisposibleDish) 5 Unit
Dron (Disposiblebowl) 5 Unit
Gejwastra (Cotton dressing) 1 Unit
Nadapudi 1 Unit
Gulala 25 Gram
Attar (Scent) 1 Unit
SamidhaBundle 5 Unit
Uparne 1 Unit

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