11 Day

About this puja

This Vidhi is performed on the Eleventh day after the person passed away.

This vidhi is considered important as it reduces negative impact and provides peace to the soul of a person passed away. It liberates the soul from the cycle of rebirth.

Duration: 1 Hour


Note : If you want see next month muhurt, please select next month.

Date Shubha/Ashubha Muhurt
Samagri Name Quantity
Halad (Turmeric) 50 Gram
Kumkum (Kunku) 50 Gram
Gulala 50 Gram
Bukka 50 Gram
Udabatti (Josssticks) 1 Unit
Kapur 10 Gram
Tandul 500 Gram
SupariMedium 25 Unit
Janve Jod 1 Unit
Gavran tup (DesiGhee) 200 Gram
Cow's urine (Gowmutra) 1 Unit
Matchbox (Machis) 1 Unit
Kale Til (Blacksesameseeds) 50 Gram
Satu (Barley) 50 Gram
Patrawali (DisposibleDish) 10 Unit
Dron (Disposiblebowl) 10 Unit
Darbha 1 Unit
Chickpea (Harbara) 125 Gram
Potatoes (Batata) 2 Unit
Daal flour (daliche pith) 125 Gram
Chille powder (Tikhat) 1 Gram
Fine salt (Barik Mith) 100 Gram
Dhaplya 500 Unit
Gopichand 1 Unit
Ginger (Ale) 50 Unit
Sutte paise (Changecoins) 10 Unit
Govarya 1 Unit

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